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Picking your culture with Brett Putter

This week on the podcast we have Brett Putter. Brett chats with me about all things culture. He is the CEO of Culture Gene and has a large emphasis on making sure people fit in the culture their company creates. It was a great conversation about what this looks like, the best practices of culture, and what to look for when joining a company, or changing your culture from the leadership perspective. He also talks about his books that focus on making culture unique and valuable.

Focusing on the right person with Dick Hannasch

On our podcast this week we have Dick Hannasch, IFC Professional Coach. Dick not only is known for his humor, but he is also known for getting down to the true problems that your company may face. Dick talks about his style of teaching by focusing on each individual and their needs but also gives good examples of what investing in each party, manager and employee, looks like and how to do it well.

Finding your fit between being a leader and being a manager with Kevin Suboski

This week on our podcast we have Kevin Suboski. Kevin talks about how to create a true leadership team, and it is not what you might think a leadership team looks like.

How to establish a baseline with Tim Lansford

This week we have Tim Lansford, a business coach dedicated to helping people finding their bottom line expectations and then going from there. In business, we often have different expectations circling around the office. For example, take a look at people's expectations about going back to the office post-covid, they are all over the place. Tim explains how he works his clients through getting on the same page with their expectations and moving from there. It can be hard, but also rewarding when your team starts to collaborate through better communication.

Pulling profits out of hats with Monte Wyatt

This week we have Monte Wyatt on the podcast to talk about choosing a culture to create and refine during work from home. Monte goes into details about how to do this well. From making consistent efforts to having one on ones to engaging your team through virtual team building. Monte recently also wrote a book titled Pulling Profits out of a Hat. He talks a bit more about the book and what inspired him to write it.

Finding your fit with Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor joined the podcast to talk about the how to fit and fill the right seats in your organization.

Why the score card works with Rachel Johnson

This week on the podcast we are talking to Rachel Johnson. I really enjoyed talking to her specifically about driving vision in organizations. We all have heard the story about the big company planning day that results in a 100 page document of company goals, visions, and plans for the future, but oftentimes this book is not implemented. Rachel gives some advice on how to not only slim that never ending document down, but how to also make it genuinely achievable for you, your company and your employees.

Supporting both the leader and the employee with Rebecca Chabot

Rebecca joins us today to discuss the challenges HR managers face in the corporate world, how important culture really is and the reality of what HR work looks like. She shares what she loved most about HR and what finally caused her to step away and start a new coaching/consulting career.

Why better conversations lead to better relationships with Tim Cosby

Tim joins us today to talk about how better conversations lead to better relationships, which in turn lead to more engaged employees. Companies and managers who understand and embrace this philosophy will experience better relationship and better culture and ultimately a positive impact to the company bottom line.

Uncovering your brilliance with Leslie Fiorenzo

Leslie joins us to talk about the frustrations around poor communication, ineffective conflict management, and how to position oneself to work from strengths and passion. Each of us has our own "superpower" to bring to our workplace. Often these "superpowers" go unnoticed and unrecognized. Leslie shares her mission to help female leaders uncover their brilliance, identify their strengths, and create a roadmap for change in their professional and personal lives.

Keeping your core values with Heather Marquez

Heather Marquez joins us to talk about why keeping true to your core values during change is necessary and important for keeping your company on track.

The 4 Fits with Matt Ley

Matt joins us on the podcast to talk about why we need to find our 'fits' in our team, position, management skills, and culture.

Leading with Kindness with Matt Cunningham

Matt Cunningham joins me on the podcast to chat about what leading with kindness looks like and how we can do it through conversations that actually produce value.

From TV to EOS with Tania Bengtsson

Tania joins me on the podcast to talk about her previous career and how it has shaped her to be an EOS implementer.

Mike and Keerstyn talk DISC!

This week we have Mike Sudyk, Founder and CEO of Waypoint, on the podcast to talk about why DISC is so important to us and our organization!

From lagging to leading metrics with Connie Chwan

Connie joins me to chat about goal setting and what we should try to aim for when making goals that will lead to positive metrics. Not only does Connie help us understand what we should be looking for in these goals but also give great examples on how to do make these goals.

What is your DISC score with Dave Rudin

Dave joins us on the podcast to chat about why it is vital to know how your personality (and others) works so that you can continue too improve your communication skills, your knowledge of yourself, and your ability to grow.

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with Joel Swanson

What does hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and leadership have to do with one another? A lot actually. Joel Swanson joined us on our podcast recently to chat about what the hike taught him and how his story inspires his clients daily.

Literally Duck Taping the business back together with Mike Kotsis

Mike joins us on the podcast to chat about what it is like being part of a family business and how we can learn to be proactive instead of reactive. As an EOS implementer, he has walked the walk and understands why it can be hard to get to where you need to go, but it is possible to do strategically.

Success Loves Discipline with Justin Mause

Justin joins me on the podcast to talk about personal development and the benefits too investing in your self. Not only is he passionate about helping organizations figure out how to invest in their people but is also passionate about helping individuals find what truly gets them excited everyday.

4 ways to start living YOUR life again with Lead to Inspire

Sherry and Marcia join me on the podcast to chat about the 4 concepts that have helped them get where they are today. Lead to Inspire is now 4 years old and thriving. They chat about their organization, how they help their clients, and what has made their lives better because of their choices as leaders.

Are your finding joy in your world?

Robin Shear joins us on the podcast to talk all about joy. She is a joy coach that focuses on helping people find their passion and happiness in the work place.

Being a middle manager can be hard, but Jim Immel can help!

Jim Immel joins us on the podcast this week to talk about being a middle manager. It can be outright difficult to know exactly how to support your team when you are new to a managerial position, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Listen in here!

The unsung heroes of EOS with Sara B. Stern

Sara Stern joins me on the podcast this week to talk about family businesses and how they can tackle EOS as organizations. Sometimes family businesses can be tricky, but they also can be creative and rewarding when using the right EOS tools to tackle their issues.

Is your work place physiologically safe?

Brains are wired to move away from threat and toward reward (but you probably already knew that). Minor 'failing' can be considered a threat and our avoidance often times stunts growth within an organization. From not wanting to start a new project to being okay with processes that don't work, it can be a challenge to get over the barrier to potentially fail. As leaders within our organization, a way that we can create psychological safety is allowing failure within our employees work. Jill Windelspecht joins us on the podcast this week to talk about what it looks like to fail, why it is important to fail, and how we can continue to promote failing to learn within our workplaces.

Your people need to know you are human.

Right now, we as leaders need to be self aware and transparent with our employees. Our people want to see that we are human too and that we aren't perfect but rather learning to become better. Jaime Taets, from Keystone International, joins us on the podcast this week to talk about why we need to show our people that we have emotions and that we can empathize with them not only professionally but also personally.

Is everyone on the same page?

Having everyone in the organization on the same page can be challenging, especially when change has happened recently. Whether you are trying to initiate change that will shift your organization and team culture or implementing small actionable goals that will help promote growth, it can be hard to know exactly what to do to make sure everyone is on the same page. Dave Feidner joins us on the podcast to talk about how to make sure your team is on the same page to promote healthy and sustainable growth within your organization.

Feel like things aren't going in the right direction?

It can be hard to evaluate what to do with your organization when it feels like things might be headed in the wrong direction. You might feel like you are in over your head shambling to duck taping the issues back into place and not continuing your growth. This week on the podcast we have Jason McCullough on to talk about his experience running an organization when it felt like things were falling apart, how they worked towards solving their issues using EOS and how he now helps his clients using EOS.

Are you using the right leadership tools?

Leadership tools can be overwhelming. There are so many to choose from yet it can be hard to pick the right ones for the right situation and right personalities. Chris McClure joined us on the podcast recently to talk about tools to use as a leader, which ones to pick, and when to use these tools. He not only goes into depth on what tools would be best for certain situations but who should use what tools!

Are you the visionary or the integrator?

Sometimes it can be challenging to continue to move your company forward when the leadership team struggles to find a clear direction. This week on the podcast we specifically talk about the role of the entrepreneur (otherwise known as the visionary) and the process person (the integrator), and how each can work together to not only create great ideas but to also create great companies in the process. Doug Andersen walks through each role and how you can support one another whether you are in the integrator or the visionary.

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